Creating photo stories with Merseytravel

October 2017

As part of my Summer/ Autumn residency with Mersey Ferries, I was commissioned to deliver a number of photography workshop sessions with Merseytravel staff. The sessions were developed to raise confidence and encourage image making of individuals within the organisation who perhaps had an initial interest in photography but didn’t feel they had the skills or understanding around the medium to do so.

Looking beyond just the practical skills of image making, but further to think about how we create meaning behind the images we capture – how do visual metaphors tell stories about the people and place around us. Exploring everything from composition, lighting and exposure to story telling, editing and sequencing of images, the workshops not only supported each individual to feel more confident in creating and discussing photography, but reaffirmed my own passion for the medium in doing so.

For me it has also been a positive and alternative way to meet and collaborate with the community and staff behind the Mersey Ferries, supporting them to create their own body of photographic work about what matters to them. Their own projects will be showcased on the photostories website as a live digital showcase in January 2018 alongside the rest of the Mersey ferries’ residency exhibition at Museum of Liverpool and Open Eye Gallery.

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