Testing out methods of making with Many Hands Craft Collective 

4 May 2017

Over the past 3 months Many Hands Craft Collective have been dipping in and out of photography sessions with me, to explore ideas around what makes them come together as a community group. After a breakthrough session looking at images from on-line, other professional photographers in social documentary and fine art contexts, and in deed some of my own work, the group worked through a series of visual metaphors connecting to 9 key words they felt represented what ‘made them a community’ and ‘why they come together’.

Recently we have been exploring the idea of exposing the process behind image making, as a method of exposing what goes on between themselves and the camera. With this in mind the group have been using some of these 9 key word as starting points for creating images in and around the community hub which brings them together (Victoria Square, Ancoats).  Using a smartphone to capture the viewfinder of a Mamiya, the group have been capturing moments of what they feel reflect the group. The method of making these images has been inspired by a previous work of mine, (Record, Archive, Rewind) which they felt strongly resonated to their feelings of nostalgia and attachment to Victoria Square, and a style they are keen to carry on playing with over the next few weeks.

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