Digital Ambassadors

Following on from my previous communities curator role at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), I am continuing to work as a photographer in residence with the Older people’s community group, the Digital Ambassadors. 

Collectively we are exploring various photographic techniques from traditional analogue through to the most recent digital technologies.

IMG_5812To date the group have been experimenting with some of the earliest analogue photography techniques and we will be collectively working our way through the history of photography and its associated technology.

Digital Ambassadors have also agreed to work alongside me for the Mersey Ferries Residency (see my news page for more information) creating their own photo stories and digital artwork about the memories of the Ferry community as local residents. They will showcase work alongside the wider exhibition at Museum of Liverpool and on the website in January 2018.

liverpool pinholecameras dig group 3shadowsessiondigitalambassadorsIMG_1780

Thank you to HOP (Happy Older People’s Network) for their support in kicking starting this project.